New Bay and her sisters

  1. So I got the new black bay yesterday and I have taken pics of it today along with other Chloe bags. I do not have a modelling pic of me with bag because I have come in from storm and rain and dont want to be in front of a camera:lol:
    Anyways here is Noir Bay:

    Here she is with her tan sister:

    And finally also some pictures of my Heloise. I have noticed there are not many pictures of Heloise on forum and also that mine looks diffrent from how the Heloise normally looks so I took several pics:


  2. Beautiful! I have the moka one, but I also like the black one very much, too! The tan colour and the Heloise are great, too! [​IMG]
  3. I am LOVING black bays lately, I can see carrying it FOREVER!

    And that Heloise, OMG, the color, it's TDF! It looks really usable too, with all those pockets. Can I ask exactly what style it is and where you got it?
  4. I love your tan (ecru?)
    It is in my wish list... but will have to wait until June unless my ban is lifted by a miraculous combination of events (winning the lottery + selling several bags + getting extra cash, etc)
  5. Beautiful bags!! The Heloise is gorgeous!!
  6. Very nice collection, you see to ave a bag to go with every colour outfit there! Your bays look too cute sat together like that :p
  7. It is very usuable with the pockets. It slightly heavy comparing to the Bay. I had a look now on what colour it says on the Chloe tag and it says Havane on the Heloise. I think it was named Heloise shoulder bag and I got it on Nap last season.
    The tan bay I think was named Canelle in colour but I did not get it out now because is on a higher shelf but anyways they should still make those colours. "Earth colours" never really go out of fashion so I cant see they wouldnt make them.
  8. You have a stunning collection....
  9. Lovely!
  10. The tan is just gorgeous! I love your Bay Sisters! Hehe...
  11. wolf Whistle!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Beautiful bags!! Congrats!! Really like that Heloise.....
  13. I love the Heloise, but can i ask is it heavy? it looks heavy? Fab Bays. Good collection.
  14. :tup:Hey Miss E - fab collection and of course, I :heart: the latest addition to the family.
  15. Your collection is mesmerizing. I haven't had a chance to scrutinize that style Heloise before and it is quite a beauty. Congrats on the new addition!