New Barneys NY to open in Financial District (FiDi - New York)

  1. wooooo, now I have something to do while im waiting for my boyfriend to get out of work.. he works right down there and when I go to meet him, he's always stuck in meetings or junk like that.. so ill just take a stroll around Barneys :smile:
  2. Oooooo....lucky ladies! I so wish I lived in New York! Er.....then again, I guess that might be a bit hazardous to my bank account!
  3. Hold your excitement...
    READ: "The company believes its new store, which is devoted entirely to men's apparel, will attract both the professionals who work in the area as well as the growing number of residents in Battery Park City, site of the World Financial Center."
  4. actually the NYTimes article was a reference used in the Racked article in which they speculated that "history was repeating itself." If you notice, the NYT article was dated 1988 lol. Sorry if I was misleading with that article, I only left the link there for reference.

    The Racked and story is that they are building another Four Seasons building at 99 Church (SO close) and one of the retailers sniffing around is Barneys!!! All right, so maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit, but I'm still excited! :upsidedown: