New Barenia Supply??

  1. Hi,

    Recently, quite a few fellow TPF ers have received lovely Barenia Items - such as wonderful HAC's, Birkins and stunning Kelly's.

    Does that mean, they are now once again producing larger Barenia items?? Is it mainly in the USA, that it pops up?:confused1:

    Many thanks
  2. No, they are all pre-owned items AFAIK.
    Barenia is still in short supply.
  3. Thanks Hello! ps- your kelly is stunning!x
  4. Unless you want a men's trench coat and then there seems to be plenty of barenia to go around! :crybaby:
  5. I'm not sure if it is true ... but my SA told me that Barenia will be available for order on a limited basis (due to the leather's rarity). I told her I'd be the first one to sign up for their order list!
  6. Well, actually...Brand new, K stamped, 30 cm Barenia birkins are popping up in boutiques around the US. I was offered one. It's brand new, from the store, not pre-owned, K stamped. In fact, it was still shrink-wrapped when they brought it out from the back to show it to me. The stores didn't order them. Paris called about 2 months ago and told certain store managers that thier US boutiques were getting them. I don't know what other stores got them, I was just told that mine wasn't the only one.

    I passed on it because it was too small. Someone else nabbed that baby FAST, though!

    I'm first on the list for a 32 HAC if it ever THAT'S ever gonna happen!?!?!

    They DID offer to order one, though. That has to be a good sign, right?
  7. ^^Right on, gga! I wish my Alaska store had one right now.
  8. ^It killed me to turn it down. I took another PF'er and barenia fan with me to try in on. After half an hour, she very gently told me that it really WAS too small, I wasn't allowed to buy it, yadda, yadda, yadda...

    I'm sure that bag would have broken me if she hadn't provided the necessary backbone. It was sooooo gorgeous.
  9. ^^I guess you did the right thing to turn it down if the size wasn't right for you. I can imagine how gorgeous she is. But, it will be a waste if it's gonna end up sitting in the closet. KWIM?

    I'm very sure the right one will come along very very soon ... I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.
  10. ^^Wow, that's good to hear! I actually asked a shop manager if they would turn the mens barenia leather jackets into bags - the unsold ones of course, she said ha ha then NO!!x

    gga, I hope the bag went to a PF'er!Lol!x
  13. ^^Lol!x
  14. gga: Did you notice the price??
  15. Didn't ask. It was one of those things I would have bought if it was the right size, no matter what it cost, so I didn't even think to ask the price...Would have been nice info for the board, though. So sorry!