New Bareminerals MATTE

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  1. I received the sample the other day when I was stocking up on mascara (at Sephora). I LOVE IT! It promotes pore minimizing, and improves skin clarity with continued use. I tried it yesterday and I really liked it! It is sooooo hot and humid here and it really stayed on well, and I had no shine at all! I will keep using this week and see if its true love! Has anyone tried it?
  2. #2 Jul 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2009
    I've been using the sample size the last cuple of days as well and I immediately noticed how smooth my face looked. I was also surprised at how long it stayed on. I put it on the morning and stayed on day eventho it was hot. I'm definitely getting the full size next time!

    PS- I also want to add how the shade totally matches my tanned face. I usually have had to mix diff shades to get the right one. I'm using medium tan and I love how my face looks natural.
  3. I wonder if it's bismuth free? I think I read somewhere that the bismuth (which is what irritates people's skin) is also what makes it look a little shiny... that's why they tell you to buff and buff. It takes away the shine.
  4. I believe it is!! I have been using my sample for a few weeks now and LOVE it. stays on in the heat and doesn't get shiny like the regular BE on me.

    I have super dry skin as well and it doesn't feel like it's overly dry, just very matte.
  5. I love it, too!! I can't wait to buy the full size version. The little sample was my first BE product, and since then I've become completely hooked to the brand. I have combo skin, and my nose is usually a bit oily, but the Matte keeps me fresh all day!!
  6. I use BE now and love it but now I'll have to try this, thanks for the tip!
  7. Ohhh, my BM does tend to make me a little oily in pictures so I look forward to trying this!
  8. This sounds absolutely AMAZING!
  9. #9 Jul 13, 2009
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    OK, just a few thoughts, Dancing Nancies I think you might have the BEST avator in the world!!! LOL wow! Totally makes me laugh, and smile! LOVE!

    I am in love with this new MATTE version. I only get shiny around my t-zone. SO! Im sold, for now, I will keep trying it all week and report back!
  10. I think I'll try this when I run out. I was worried about the word matte since I've dry skin. Glad to hear those w dry skin aren't experiencing a problem.
  11. I love BE, so I'm definitely going to have to try this Matte version.
  12. Wish I could use BE, but it makes me break out. :sad:
  13. Does anyone know where you can get the full size yet? I looked on Sephora's site and didn't see it.
  14. Thanks. I will check this out at Sephora. I did not like the regular BE line.
  15. I picked up a sample last saturday, the associate gave me 3 but i shared it with some friends. I am going to try it today even if im just staying home, I have an oily face so let's see if this works wonders!