New bangle from HK

  1. My DH went to HK for a conference and I m told him I would love a Hermes Enamel Bangle, esp one in dark blue with flowers.

    He bought this bangle back! Not Hermes, but a real solid gold bangle with sunflowers motifs. He said it cost just a bit more than the Hermes, and he prowled the gold shops looking for something like the enamel bangle. I love it! He's really adorable sometimes:heart:



  2. Just a photo of me wearing it. I will still get a blue enamel Hermes bangle myself, but I will keep this one closer to my heart!

  3. Lovely bracelet! He has excellent taste!
  4. I am not a fan of yellow gold but that bracelet is lovely!
  5. It looks amazing on your arm, congrats! Your DH has great taste!
  6. Oh my goodness, those are gooooorgeous!!
  7. It's beautiful. Your DH has lovely taste!
  8. he definitely know how to please u...nice bangle!! congrats :smile:
  9. gorgeous! i love HK and their gold jewelry shops lol. it reminds me of the Chinese wedding bangles
  10. WOW! What great taste he has. I LOVE it!
  11. you are such a loving wife, and you husband is such a loving husband. i like how you described that he "prowled" through stores for you. what a wonderful relationship you guys have. and i like how you said that you will keep this bracelet close to your heart.
    the motif of sunflowers of so gorgeous! i wonder how i looks like up close in person. i'm pretty sure it is tdf!
  12. That is a stunning bangle! The H one you can get later!
  13. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments! :p

    I find it a bit vintage but still loving it! I can't wait to wear it to my sister's birthday dinner
  14. so pretty, congrats!!
  15. LOL... if you ever get tired of it, I know where it can find a comfy new home! :graucho:

    So pretty! congrats!