NEW Bangle and Hair Clip Available ~ Black and Pearls

  1. I've been hunting for a certain bangle, so my lovely SA keeps me up-to-date with anything new she gets.



    Call Rossi at NM Houston
    (800) 397-5293, Ext. 2120

    Tell her Lee sent you :smile:
  2. I love that silver bag in the background. Does anyone know the price?
  3. call Rossi ~ she'll know. She's really nice too.

    And I think it's gold.

    Here's a better picture of it:
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  4. I love the Bangle ... price ,please. I have to get it ! I love the bangle in this closed-cuff style. Looks more quality than the open one.
  5. I don't know the price of the bangle. I know the clip was 300-something. Are you able to call Rossi (are you in the states?)
  6. Thanks a lot Freetoes for your kindly PM :smile:
  7. Cute!!! I got the hair clip with the rhinestones instead of pearls and I adore it. The pearls are gorgeous too!