New Banana Republic Somerset triangle shoulder bag

  1. Just appeared in stores. Very nice, well made and easy to use. $228 but 30% off friends and family event is coming (early August?).

  2. F&F will be August 3-5 in Canada.
  3. That is a very nice looking bag!
  4. it is even better IRL. For under $200 it may be excellent workhorse bag.
  5. azia
    Could you please advise me how to get F&F invitation (I didn't get anything yet) except of buying it from eBay? :smile:
  6. ^ you need to be friend or family of someone who works at BR. they give them to the employees to personally give out. sometimes if you're a regular or making a large purchase, an SA might give you theirs around that time. people photocopy them and spam them out but they're not supposed to use copies (sometimes the Managers allow it though....for people who cause a fuss. lol)

    i would send you one except i'm pretty sure mine would be Canada specific (they're getting tighter on those this year changing the policy so no cross-border exchanges/returns can be made). but i'll double check when they get them in.
  7. azia
    Thank you very much! I'd really appreciate if you could!
  8. That looks nice! And I always hear such good things about the leather BR uses.