New Ball Bag vs. another Veneta?????

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  1. Hi I..I need some feedback on this.. what do owners of the NEW BALL BAG think of their bag? Somewhat more dressy and structured than their VENETAS? How does the leather piping wear? If you don't use the pouch, is it roomy enough? easy access to your stuff? I have several noce bags ( lg veneta and a tote) and black maxi studded Veneta, so I don't know whether to buy lg. Black Veneta or med. black veneta. or ebano or black new ball???? Or maybe there is something else instead of all these??????
  2. I love the brass rings on the new ball, but find that if you don't use the pouch there is a security issue because the bag has a wide opening that only closes with a hook/ring strap. Using the pouch can get a bit cumbersome if you want to reach your stuff easily. Have you considered the ebano campana. A large ebano campana is an iconic BV bag and would add variety to your venetas. I love the slouchy look of the campana compared to the more structured ball bag. Other options are the pyramid or sloane if you like shoulder bags. I'm attaching some pics of my large nero campana, I lusted after this bag for years and love it....

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  3. SYMA- I have looked at this bag..and I LOVE IT..and love the look and slouch to it and LOVE YOUR BAG, and ONLY in the large for me ....I have 1 question about it/ do you find the straps slide off your shoulder ? how is it with a coat??? and if you have a large veneta how would you compare them?
  4. Prestwick, I'm a fan of the new ball and have one in nero that I use frequently. If security is an issue I use the pouch for my valuables and keep the leash engaged. However, if you're say shopping and in and out of your bag a lot, it sits very securely on your shoulder and under your arm which closes off access to the inside. I love Syma's large campana but before I'd invest in one I'd want to make sure that the double strap stays on my shoulder. A few PF members say it doesn't even when looped on itself...does that makes sense? It also may depend on the person's shoulders...mine are not wide.
  5. LLANEEDLE- Hi, does the sides of your new ball bag (directly beneath the gold rings) slouch down after use , especially when you stand the bag up on its bottom ( or place down on a chair) or does it stay sturdy? Does the ball bag get slouchier looking with wear? and do you prefer it to a lg veneta? TIA
  6. The sides and bottom of the ball keep their shape when the bag is resting and the handle falls towards the top. I find getting things in and out a little easier than I do with my veneta because there is more structure. And my things stay organized in the ball whereas they can jumble a little bit in my veneta. The leather is buttery soft in both. I think the structure of the ball comes from the seaming and piping, not from a stiffer leather. I truly can't say I prefer one over the other. I like them equally.
  7. I love the rings on the ball. I have enough room to carry my things and the inside pouch is quite secure. I preferred it to the Campana because it doesn't fall off my shoulder and I preferred it to the Veneta because of its shape. I've attached a pic of my bag at rest. The piping keeps it in form, the leather is incredibly soft.

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  8. couturequeen- really beautiful.
  9. Thank you LLANeedle and couturequeen- you both have been very helpful..I feel that the NEW ball bag is a chicer , more sophisticated look than the Veneta . The Veneta gives me a more casual feel...I just wanted some feedback from those who use them regularly and how they enjoy using them and if they felt there were any drawbacks or reservations on owning them..The GOLD RINGS have sold me and now its just a question of Nero or Ebano..
  10. prestwick, have you also considered the old ball? I purchased my old ball after the new ball came out, because I loved how it had both the zipper main compartment and then the four side pouches outside the main compartment for easy access to my phone, keys, etc. My old ball is definitely more structured than any of my venetas, and I find myself reaching for it when I am wearing a suit or something more formal. The new ball sounds great too but I wanted to also suggest the old ball if you were concerned about the closure.
  11. Yes, I have to admit one strap can slide off but I think the double straps make access easier when it is on my shoulder. I can tuck the straps one under the other and I have really narrow shoulders and this can help rectify the problem. Also I can wear it easily with a coat. It sounds like you love the ball bag though so I hope you get the perfect BV bag for you. Are you near a BV store? Could you possibly try on the bags and see which style you prefer??
  12. I agree. It's worth the drive to try on before you buy - I would have ended up with a Campana if I hadn't. Call around to Neiman's or Saks to see if they carry BV if you don't have a BV boutique in your state.
  13. Hi, I have a new ball and a med veneta. I do feel that the veneta is more casual. The new ball isnt as common and because mine is carmino, I sometimes wear it to make a statement or when my outfit is too dull.

    In my opinion, the new ball doesnt sit very well on my shoulders. It slips off sometimes as the strap is too broad and stiff. On the other hand, the OLD ball I tried in the store hangs perfectly. But the old ball only comes in classic colours and it depends on what colour you have in mind.

    Compared to the veneta, the new ball is very easily accessible. If security isnt an issue, it can actually contain many things and easy to reach. I find that when you wear the strap on your shoulder, the bag is under your armpit, so its not so easy to reach in without you noticing.
  14. thank you for all of your responses...after many visits to the stores, I went with the medium nero veneta..I like the shape..I think it just has a look..I still love the NEW BALL bag and love the gold rings, and it will probably be a future purchase ...COUTUREQUEEN- I think your camel one is amazing , especially in all your action shots

    the carmine is truly eye candy...
    Syma- the large campagna may very well be my next winter's go to bag