New Balenciaga ?

  1. I like this! Does anyone has a picture of this? Carried/ or anything!
    Oh, and is this a new bag? I'm new to Balenciaga :/
    Any rants or raves on the bag would be great!
    How much is it? In US$

  2. it's the whistle bag. Comes in two sizes. I think that the small one is 645 pounds and the big one is 700 pounds. Not sure about the US prices. Balenciaga Singapore might have it in stock! I was tempted to buy it as it fits nicely under the arm but decided to go with a bowling bag instead. My logic is that without the mirror (which most people tend to remove), it looks a bit too "normal" for a pricey bag but i still think it's a lovely bag.

  3. Oh thanks! I'd love to see pictures though. I want to see how it looks like! How'd you know I'm from Singapore? :biggrin: We don't have Balenciaga in Singapore. Only Club21, mixture of many different brands. Like Chloe, Marc Jacobs etc etc. It fits nicely under the arms? It looks like it'll be quite bulky under the arms! There's the small and big one? So which is this?
  4. haha your location says Singapore under your name. Club 21 has the stand alone balenciaga store in Hilton hotel. If you go often enough before they sell out, they have a pretty good range there. You should head down and try it for yourself! The pict looks like a small, but i'm not too sure.
  5. Oh haha! Are you from Singapore too? Ok! I'll go check out the one at Hilton hotel! Thanks! :biggrin:
  6. Lovely bag, and I just adore this color.

  7. I agree, but the color is to die for!:drool: