new balenciaga!!!!

  1. its actually the 2006 bourdeuox (sp?)
    and its soooo perty!
  2. Yay - congrats on your new bag! Love the bordeaux color!
  3. Gorgeous! Congrats Squishy.
  4. congrats!!! yum! :wlae: :party:
  5. puuuurty! congrats!!!
  6. Beautiful color! :love: Congrats! :yahoo:
  7. :wlae: yeah!!! new b-bag!!! congrats!!!
  8. Congrats!!! It's beautiful!:yahoo:
  9. Pretty bag!!!
  10. Oooh!! I want it!!! So pretty!
  11. Gorgeous !!!!
    Congrats Squishi !!!
    Need a grenat !!!!!!!
  12. congrats!
  13. WOW~ pretty bag!!!!:smile: ENJOY!
  14. beautiful bag CONGRATS
  15. That is a beautiful bag. I thought I was all settled on the color I wanted but now I don't know.