new Balenciaga wallet

  1. Just got mine in grey and I love it!!!!
  2. We want pics, we want pics!!!!!!

    Which wallet did you get? I have the compagnon in grey and just love it!

    Congrats Checkherout - now upload those pics for us to oogle over.
  3. yeah yeah... i want some pics so i can DROOL!!! hehehehe!!! congrats on the new wallet!!!
  4. here's a pic of my grenat money
  5. checkherout - show us pics!

    ladyisobel - what a nice wallet! does it hold a lot?
  6. yea checkherout, where is the photo???
    When you come back i'll help you post one :drinkup: I can't wait to see it IRL.
  7. ooooh :yahoo:
    post pics!!!!
  8. it holds 8 cards, has 3 note sections, a big zipped change section, and a sort of middle section for receipts etc
  9. It's beautiful! Please post pics! :smile:
  10. I didn't know Balenciaga had wallets! uh-oh...................
  11. Lol - Oh Girl, accessories don't count as bag purchases! :graucho: