New balenciaga thin leather RIPPING...

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  1. Anyone know when they came out with the new thin leather??? I'm worried about my bag ripping by the handles or if it gets caught on anything sharp. Has anyone had this happen?
  2. the thinner leather debuted in F/W 05, and i've never heard anyone complain about the construction of the bags or the durability of the leather. i had a F/W 05 pewter classique (i've since sold it) but it help up wonderfully and i had no wear problems.
  3. I have an 06 ink City and I have carried lots of stuff in it and have had no problems at all. It's beautiful!
  4. I have an 05 black city, no problems with ripping.
  5. No problems with mine either! It's thin but seems to be very well made. I try really hard not to rub it or bump it against things when I walk with it, though.
  6. ive got an 06 black, 06 white 06 cornflower.... they're all doing alright!!!!
  7. Yeah man, I don't think the leather is as thin as you think it is. I mean, I thought it was really thin at first, but I used my bbag as a bookbag for a good 6 months this year - and it still looks new - no rips, tears, etc. The leather isn't that thin - and I mean, I carried hard-covered books in my bag - no problems. They seem to be really sturdy bags - maybe I just have a lucky bag, lol, but I doubt it. They seem very well made.