New Balenciaga Styles???

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  1. Has anyone checked out lately??

    Her first page has many photos of supposed new 06/07 styles. She does say that these photos were sent to her, and she is not claiming to "know for sure" if these are going to make it to our stores.

    I must say I am really digging most of the styles, quilted b-bags, little barrel bags with whistles, and what looks like a smaller City??

    It is almost too much to look at all at once. :P
  2. I liked the shape of the one with the scalloped bottom .... and another bag obsession begins .... lol:P
  3. is that the teal in picture#9??? If they're bringing it back, then I am sooooo inlove:love: :nuts:
  4. Ooh! I particularly love the the new bags with the whistle charm. So cute! I also like the new hobo with the adjustable strap but in all leather of course. Oh yes and that shorter "city looking bag!! I want to know dimensions on that! I wonder how it is like in size compared to the city and the first. :love:

    Looks like they are going to produce even more pony hair bags. I am surprised that there is more. I've always felt the pony hairs were the worst selling ones and the most problematic... (balding, etc).
  5. ^^ I really like the whistle charm bag too; I really hope these photos are for real and not a hoax.

    I can't help but think of prototypes, and how the finished product never looks like the prototype.
  6. Speaking of adjustable straps... were there some previous B bags that had adjustable straps? I noticed on an older pic of Gwyneth, her black First hung down to her hips! And on Nicole Richie, her white B bag had a long strap as well. What gives??
  7. Love the turquoise bag and the barrel bag with the whistle. Hmmmmmmmmm.......might just hold out until these come in.
  8. I like the red barrel bag, very cute :love:
  9. hmmmmm not sure how i feel about them at first glance.. nothing really jumped at me that i love... it might grow on me later though.
  10. I want a city in that dark brown and teal color!!! Not too crazy about the pony.
  11. The quilted ones look a little funny to me. Almost like they're poofed out too much. But that may just be the lighting. I like the scalloped shaped bottom too. But I still haven't gotten over my love for the City.
  12. I'm really curious as to where the pictures came from and whether or not they're legit. It will be nice to have some new styles to choose from if they end up producing these!!
  13. This past monday in the main avenue George V boutique they did not have any of these new styles.
    I will ask again this monday as im picking up a top.
  14. Leisure: There was a version of the hobo with adjustable straps from 2003 but the looks of the body itself was just a tad different. I think the body of it was a bit flatter and not so poufed out? The ateliernaff site has a pic of it I believe. :amuse:
  15. People who have/have seen the old leather:

    Do you guyst think the new styles look like they are in the old, classic leather? I cannot tell. If yes, it would validate (even more, that is) the rumors of a return to the old leather
    *crosses fingers*