New Balenciaga store rumoured to be opening in...

  1. Beverly Hills/Los Angeles, California!
    I just read in Flare Magazine that there are strong and fairly reliable rumours going around that both Balenciaga and Chloe will be opening boutiques in BH.
    So this would be good news for our many Californian/West Coast members!
  2. Arghhhhhh!
  3. Edited: I live in L.A.
  4. Is that an anguished wail at the thought of what used to be your savings account?
  5. Oh wow oh wow oh wow oh wow!
  6. Stylefly, yes! It's a wail of combined agony (for my bank account) and pure bag ecstasy. Thanks so much for the great news! Whew!!

    Which issue of Flare is this in? I've never seen this mag here, I wonder if they sell it in the States, as I'd love to pick one up...
  7. wow - that would be great!
  8. Wiggli, you're in L.A. too?

    What do you (and other L.A. girls) say all the L.A. peeps get together the day it opens and have a shopping day? :smile:
  9. Woohoo I would love it!! (live in LA also)
  10. i will mos def have to put myself on a ban if this happens:whistle:
  11. Since I live in Northern California the store will still be too far away to visit and now I will have to pay tax...
  12. Please please please be true!!! :nuts:
  13. woah! i would so fly/drive down there if that's the case!
  14. Darn no where near me!!!!
  15. LOL - its no where near me BUT i hope it opens up before August!!! Coz, we're gonna have a MEET and WE'RE SO GOING THERE!!! hehehehehe!!!!