New Balenciaga "Purple" Bag (2006 Spring Color)

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  1. Was at Barney's last night, where the S/A showed me the new "purple"-colored bag. Purple ????? ... didn't look Purple to me!! It was a very strange color ... looked like black with purple undertones (all I could think of was a bad black & blue!). Nothing like the Purple (plum) color that Sarah Jessica Parker was carrying around a few seasons ago.

    The worse part ... obviously, Balenciaga is still using the same leather manufacturer as the past season. I was hoping that they would go back to the "old" manufacturer ... boo hiss :sad: :evil: :sad2: !
  2. Could it have been the new INK color?
  3. B-bag%201.JPG

    Did it look kind of like this? If so, Irissy's right - it's Ink.:love:
  4. I'm actually having second thoughts on the INK. Some people think the color is gorgeous but others think it's just nasty. There is an ink city posted on ebay recently and the leather color is just horrible... :suspiciou
  5. yeah i'm not crazy about the ink... or the new leather. =(
  6. You know what ... I think the S/A got it wrong ... it does look like the INK color. In a word - YUCCH :sick: !! I don't like it.

    The leather was NASTY - double YUCCH! :sick: :sick:
  7. :nuts: I am still not sure if I would buy a balenciaga........the new leather quality sucks.can anyone give me info on the new leather and why the quality is so bad?

  8. some ppl have said that the shiny hard surface of the new leather actually wears off, and it becomes quite nice after awhile...
    i don't have one tho so can't help. maybe someone with experience can share?
  9. i like the ink
  10. The new purple for fall is gorgeous............saw it at NM with the silver hardware, really goodlooking.!!:tup:
  11. i like ink too