New Balenciaga Lover a.k.a ADDICT!

  1. OK you ladies and gents. I have been an avid LV collector for a couple of years not, but I was recently looking for a bigger bag that i can throw all my stuff in. I saw all these celebrities carrying these balenciaga bags and I fell in love. I am looking for a Balenciaga Work Bag. BUT I have no idea where to get them, except eBay. AND i have no clue on documenting colors.

    Any suggestions or pictures of the work bags you would recommend for me? Thanks!

    :heart: Sophia!
  2. Hi Sophia and welcome to the Balenciaga addiction!!!!

    For a great and very comprehensive listing of where to buy Bal bags (websites and stores), go to this thread. It's in the Achtung subforum.

    At the top of this subforum, check out the thread with PFers wearing their bags - you'll get a great idea of styles and how they look.

    And for information about all things Bal bags, visit this site, written by a lovely PFer.

    Here's the link to the bag style reference: atelier.naff: Balenciaga motorcycle style reference There are also pages here with color references.

    Good luck and happy to have you here!!
  3. :welcome: Welcome to Balenciaga, Sophie!!!

    Be sure to check out the STICKIES at the top of the B-Bag Forum... :wlae: They're really helpful and all the girls/ladies/guys etc... are WONDERFUL in here!

    You're gonna get addicated!!! :graucho: hehehe!
  4. Thanks so much redney.

    I finally was brave enough to post in the Balenciaga subforum today, hehe.

    I WANT ONE SO BAD, and now that my mom is buying me my dream purse (MC Speedy 30) this year, i dont have to worry about that bag anymore and can begin my new found addiction on balenciaga!
  5. woohoo!!! hope you find a Bal you love!!!
  6. ladies, i cant find a website that sells balenciaga?

    do you guys know one right off your back?
  7. hi Sophie - there are a bunch of websites on the first page of this thread. See this list:

    Stores NOW carrying b-bags

    For all of the websites (Aloha Rag, Bob Ellis, etc), you will have to call the store or retailer directly to order a bag...
  8. awww welcoem Sophia ^_^... let your addiction begin hehehe... Do you have any idea what color you wanted? dark? light?...
  9. i think i want a dark color eping.

    i heard from a relative in taiwan that the blueberry is gorgeous!!
  10. dark is nice ^_^

    You should take a look at the color swatches!! Theres a dark blue (marine??)
    I've seen the blueberry in store and IT IS gorgeous!!!


    check out the site, helps a LOT
  11. welcome to the club! :smile:
  12. :heart: the blueberry work is yum-yum gorgeous!
    :welcome: welcome to the world of bbags!
  13. Welcome!
    Blueberry is yummy! Here is a pic of mine ( I post a pic whenever I get a chance LOL!!!)
  14. GOODNESS, queen victoria, your blueberry is gorgeous. what is it? like work or city?

    sorry i have no clue :sad: