New Balenciaga Logo

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  1. ahhgoo and SomethingGoodCanWork like this.
  2. The old logo is easier on the eyes and what I’d identify with this brand. The new logo is erm...very common looking and as another poster has said - it’s so pedestrian. I don’t understand the direction Balenciaga is going with all the logo’s all over the place.
  3. Agree!
  4. Hello, can someone help me to identify the name of this purse in my profile pics, thank you so much..
  5. It's an Givenchy Antigona, I think
  6. I much prefer the old logo. Must be a Kerring 'pressure from the top thing' still better than Guccy (with a Y) *as seen on bags on the SS18 catwalk.
  7. Me too