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  1. In the effort of making the Purse Forum more organized, we've decided to create several new sub-forums for the most discussed brands. Welcome to the Balenciaga forum... stay tuned for more to come. :amuse:
  2. Thanks, Vlad!!!
  3. :nuts: Yay!
  4. sweet :smile: thanks!!
  5. Yay! Thanks for doing this. Now I can go straight to the forum(s) I want. :nuts:
  6. SO cool! Thanks Vlad!
  7. Great idea!!!! Thanks
  8. Yay... me so happy! Thanks Vlad!
  9. :nuts: :nuts: YAYYYY!!!!!!! :nuts: :nuts:

    Sorry, got carried away
  10. Great I love the brand
  11. very helpful!!:love:
  12. Thanks Vlad!! Balenciaga bags are my obsession :love:
  13. wwwweeee heeeeeee, ok i better get back into the lab before all the students come looking for me!!! :smile: see you guys in a few hours!
  14. This is great! Thanks Vlad!
  15. Thanks so much Vlad. From all of us Balenciaga obsessed girls!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.