New Balenciaga colours are a little boring, where can I get an apple green or magenta

  1. I love all the 05 colours they were so bright and colourful, especially the magenta and apple green. Will these colours be reintroduced? And the new leather does not look anywhere near as nice, is this true? I don't want to buy one on eBay as I am paranoid about fakes!
  2. no colors are ever reintroduced (however, they did for the first time ever with truffle this season and last). eBay is your best bet and this forum can help you weed out the reals from the fakes. just post the bag you want in "authenticate this" thread and you'll get a quick thumbs up or down!
  3. in my closet :graucho: J/k. I, myself would love to see them reintroduced the Magenta color :yes:
  4. :yes: Yes, I agree with the new colors not being as vibrant as some of the past seasons. Unfortunately, eBay is your best bet for buying these bags. I am sure all of us are scared to do it the first time, as I was myself, and the gals on this site were a tremendous help when I decided to do it. Also, naffs site is the dictionary for Balenciaga and offers many ways to help you spot a fake. Once you own a bag or two, or three yourself, it becomes easier to spot the fakes yourself. If Bal is listening to our votes I vote for a revision of 04 Eggplant, 05 Bubblegum Pink, Turq, and Magenta. With the old leather of course!
    :heart::crybaby: I love these colors, and to have the chance to buy them as the first owner and at retail would be a dream come true!

    Here is a link to naffs site..... atelier.naff
  5. ^ Oh, oh! And apple green too! I figure Balenciaga is bound to run out of color eventually, and well, then... :graucho:
  6. the new grass green is quite vibrant- just a shade darker than apple green. that might work for you!
  7. There Is A Lovely 05 Apple First On Ebay Right Now!!!
  8. I agree with mocean - lets not forget the new grass green and the french blue. Very bright, fun colors. I have the grass green coin purse and its so awesome.