New Balenciaga colors in real life! Finally!

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  1. Hi girls! Armed with my silver City I wandered into Gerard and Luisa Via Roma, the two shops in Florence that sell Balenciagas. I'm happy to announce that I've seen (some of) the fall colors finally in real life, and they are not bad at all!

    - The greige: there was a City and a Purse in that color. Very nice, it reminded me of some types of sand on the beach. Very subtle, and also nice and thick leather.

    - The rouge vif: WOW! A real eye catcher: it's a very "Christmas" red, or fire engine red. No pink or orange undertones. A real, full red. They had a clutch and a Box in that color.

    - The sapin: really really dark green. I would say it's black with a greenish undertone. I love green but I was not overwhelmed by this. From far it looks like washed out black. I was a bit disappointed though it could be a good neutral bag color. They had several styles in this color, the box and the city and the shopping (a humungous bag, but it has no upper zipper and looks really a lot like the shoppers in which elderly people put the grocery shopping).

    - The bleu royal: WOWOWOWOW!! A really vibrant and rich blue. Looks like the ink of the classic blue ball-point pen. I lllloved it! They had a Box and a Day and a City in that color. It's really nice and the leather of all the colors looked so much better that the current season's leather.

    I also saw other styles: courier, shrug and weekender in several colors (one being the camel (?), then black and rouille). Funny thing is that they had the rouille in almost every style: makes me think that it was not a very loved color.

    So, with a heavy heart I went home, trying to find out who/what to squeeze for some extra cash... :biggrin:
  2. ooh thanks for posting that! Can't wait to see the dark green, sounds lovely....time to start saving for more BBags!!
  3. Hi Frau, thanks for posting. How huge is the shopping? The measurements seem similar to the purse but with more depth. Is it as big as the weekender?
  4. Wow.. thanks for the report fraublucher... is the sapin similar to emerald?
  5. Fraublucher, thanks so much for the update! did you happen to get a feel of the f/w leather???????
  6. The shopping is deeper and taller than the purse. The straps also fit over your shoulder. The atelier site has the exact proportions. Also go to shoegal's bbags in the showcase, it is on the right in the second picture.
  7. i've seen pics, but never seen one being held - if any of you ladies have one can you please snap a pic for me holding it?
  8. Thanks for posting! The fall colors sound promising. I love the sound of the royal blue!
  9. Thanks Frau! darn, i really am thinking blueberry
  10. Dear Cal, yes, as shoegal pointed out, the shopping is deeper that the purse. But it's also more rigid, as it is without a closing zipper on the top. It is almost like as it was built with two harder "panels" sewn together by thinner leather. So the front and the back stand rigid and in between the leather is soft and can "open up" for more depth. I really did not like it, I have to be frank. It is huge (and I'm 5.10 and love great bags) and it just does not seem to fit right.
  11. Yay: blueberry is gorgeous! I like it so much more that the ink!
  12. Booyah, it seems to me that the f/w leather is always the same destressed leather, but somehow it looks thicker and more "powdery". Not so shining as the s/s leather. The greige stands particularly out as soft and squishy, but even the darker colors seemed less marbled that the "old" leather.
  13. Cutiekiara: no it's definitely much much darker... as I wrote before, it's almost a "stonewashed black", a greyish black with a really subtle green hue. We had to put the bag under the light of a halo lamp to see the green. Otherwise it looks really just like a washed out black.

    Oh by the way sorry, I answered individually to everybody :shame:
  14. Thanks Frau, no Grenat? I've pre-ordered the shopping in Greige, maybe the lighter colour will makeit look smaller.
  15. No Cal, no Grenat is sight... I think the Shopping has to be a really comfy bag. Not sure if I like the "evolutions" of the classic Balenciagas (i.e. the First, the City and the Twiggy). Having seen most of them IRL I have to say that I still prefer these three "basics". All the others seem to me a little less appalling.. but of course this is only me and my opinion :yes: