New Balenciaga City info!

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  1. Just incase anyone was wondering...... ALOHARAG is completely sold out of the City in white:cry: , but they do have ink, cornflower, lilac, and rose:biggrin: . They said they will not be getting more white at all this season.
    Balenciaga New York does have the White city. But very limited. I just ordered mne!!!!! Yahooooo! I had no idea they dont charge sales tax:nuts:
  2. Congratulations! I'm sure you'll love it! I saw a white work in a store and it looks gorgeous.
  3. ranskimmie, do you know the return policy of the NY store? I can't seem to get to a store to see colors but i REALLY want the ink. but what if i hate it when i get it?
  4. Yes, the return policy for New York is store credit only. They have so many colors to choose from, you can always exchange.:nuts:
  5. Thanks ranskimmie!
  6. Oh no, I had thought about ordering from AR, even if they do charge restocking for returns :sad: Guess I'll hold out for Barneys to get the white city in.

    CONGRATS on your purchase, ranskimmie! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    Maybe I should just say to heck with it and order one from Balenciaga NY. If for any reason I have doubts, I can exchange or sell it on eBay...
  7. The white is gorgeous! I saw this in person and wanted it SOOO bad. But white is not a good practical color for me - too light. bummer!
  8. Do it do it do it:nuts:
    I know I will want to keep mine. But I was thinking along the same lines as you. W really have nothing to loose. Just for the heck of it I have also called Barneys and NM, neither have white. They said its very popular right now, and not sure if and when they will get more in. Do you think you'll do it:shame:??
  9. Dodgeball lives :P

    Sorry :shame:
  10. Does aloha rag charge sales tax or shipping? Soooo tempted...they have the classique in ink!!!!!!
  11. Ranskimmie, did you ask them about the talk of new leather for F/W 2006?
  12. They are awsome too! They dont charge sales tax or shipping!:nuts:
  13. Congrats, ranskimmie. Can't wait to see it!
  14. As a matter of fact I did. Basically Joseph just said that it does have somewhat of the waxy shine, but seems to dissapear sooner:blink: Were you referring to the graininess? If so I do believe he said it is pretty porous. Hope that helps:biggrin:
  15. lmao

    I called Balenciaga NY on the way home, just to see if they still had the white. They do :shame: She said they close at 7 p.m. tonight, I might have to run out and fill up the car or get milk (hint, hint...well, I am running low on milk, actually!) and place an order in the process :lol:

    But, I would have to sell my whiskey paddy (or a kidney...) if I wanted to keep the white City. I really should compare the two side by side, and see which one I like more and which one looks better on me. I had a dream about the white B-bag last night, so maybe it's a sign :P

    I cannot wait to see your bag, ranskimmie. Did you get expedited shipping? I know I would! :P