New Balenciaga Boutique Opening In Milan!

  1. Good news for all the italian Balenciaga addicted!
    A brand new Balenciaga boutique in Milan just opened: Via santo Spirito 19, right in the heart of the City, near to all the other designers shops (via Montenapoleone, via S. Andrea, etc.)

    Some pictures:




  2. wow... i think i'll book i flight soon :tup:
  3. Finally the right time came!!!!! It was soooo unfair not to have a Balenciaga boutique here in Italy!
  4. WOW Lietta :nuts: what fantastic news :yahoo::tup:!! Really good to know - thank you so much for the information :flowers::love:
  5. Wow, it looks gorgeous! Yet another reason to finally visit Italy!!
  6. great news!!!!!!:yahoo:
  7. :nuts::nuts::nuts:


    ten minutes' walk from me, I am so there on Wed (can't go tomorrow HOW SHALL I STAND IT?) :sweatdrop:

    Thank you so much for the info!
  8. Well, since we don't have one in SF, I'll have to take the next flight out.:greengrin:
  9. OMG! That store is gorgeous!!! It's much more glamorous than Bal NY.
    I can't wait to hear the gals' reports after the store opening.
  10. thank you so much lietta for the information. it's gorgeous and love all the bags in it. have you got also a telephone number?????? tia
  11. I was there last summer and was so disapointed that I could not find Balenciaga anywhere, since the Italian brands had very boring inventory and I was really getting into Balenciaga then. If I go back I will most definately wander in- how is the exchange rate for US Dollar now? It was pretty bad when I was there- Also getting through customs at Malpensa was a really really bad experience. This customs officer had me unload every single thing I bought to show her and my DH was fuming -haven't been shopping in Europe since then, not worth the flop-sweat at the airport with people grumbling (inlcuding DH) behind me.:sweatdrop:
  12. Holy Mother of Jesus, that boutique is gorgeous!!!!!!!!:wtf::wtf: I LOVE!!

    I love how each Balenciaga boutique around the world has a different theme to suit the atmosphere of the city/building it's in, etc. I love how industrial BalNY is, but I also love how luxurious but still cool this one is in Milan!

    When I used to visit Milan 4,5 years ago, I wasn't that impressed with shopping, but now I've got one more reason to visit the beautiful city again!:yahoo:
  13. Just called Balenciaga headquarter in Italy.
    They gave me the store telephone number, also told me the right address:

    Via Santo Spirito, 15 (not 19)
    Tel. 39 02 760841
  14. Jealous!

    Hope they open one in UK soon
  15. Lietta
    Thanks for the pics and info, so lovely !