New Balenciaga Bag colors for 2006

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  1. Got this from SA at Aloha Rag today:

    Pre-Collection/ End of December- End of February

    Gris fonce/gray
    Origan/ olive
    Encre/ Ink
    Bleuet/ Dark Avio Blue
    Lillas/ Liliac
    Vieux Rosa/ Pale Pink
    Blanc/ White

    Main Collection Additional Colors/ February – End of April

    Beige/ Whisky
    Emeraude/ Dark Green
    Rouille/ Redish Orange

    Not too sure if I'm excited about any of the colors. How about you girls?? Why can't they make another round of Calcaire?!?!?! I'm still lusting a City bag in Calcaire and in Magenta. I love my Magenta Twiggy but... This is an illness. I need meds. :blink:
  2. Illness indeed bagaddict. Great info, thanks!
  3. I had an interesting discussion with the S/A's at Gretta Luxe yesterday - re: Balenciaga Bags.

    In addition to the colors you mention above, Balenciaga is also going to have a bright Orange (not metallic). Don't know how that one will look. Apparently, Balenciaga also makes special colors for certain stores (e.g., Barney's) which sell more high-volume than the boutique-type stores. According to the S/A, she said that Balenciaga is also a pain-in-the-butt to work with because they "restrict" the stores to a certain amount of bags because they want to ensure "exclusivity" and continue with the illusion of "hard-to-get" (so that people will want them more).

    I had told the S/A that Balenciaga should worry less about the "exclusivity" and "hard-to-get" and focus more on the quality of the bags as the last season was not as good, and a lot of folks are really considering NOT buying them again unless the quality matches the price. With so many other pricey designer "it" bags on the market, people are going to get fussier if they have to fork over lots of bucks for a bag whose quality is so-so.

    BTW ... have seen the Emerald Green color before (Barney's had it this past year in the Laptop bag) ... that color is a KEEPER; absolutely beautiful! I don't know why they called it Emerald Green, it was really more of a Pine-Green color. Here's a picture below:

  4. i wouldn't mind having a pretty color like lilac in my collection... i would get ink also.
  5. I would love to own one in orange or white...
  6. Word of warning to those who want a B-Bag in White ... they get DIRTY really fast and are hard to clean! Then again, if they continue with the current leather manufacturer, it might not be as much of a problem because the current leather is waxier and distressed differently than the prior years' bags.

    It will be interesting to see the "Lilac" color. If it's like the one a few seasons back, then it will be more like probably be like a periwinkle (with pink undertones). Personally, I would think that they would rather go with the Eggplant (a dark plummy purple); that color was superb (and I'm not a purple fan). Check this out:

    That's the old eggplant color.


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  7. I'm not that excited about this year's new colors too. However, I'm thinking of getting the INK in first/classique since it'll be my very first B-bag and I want it as close to the black color as possible.

    I'm also interested in the EMERALD GREEN but if it's going to be the same color as the one CeeJay posted, then I'm not going to get it. I was hoping that the color would be more vibrant like a jewel. I'm also interested in the RUST (redish orange). I'm hoping that color will turn out great. Just can't wait...

    P.S. I'm hoping that Balenciaga will consider releasing a metallic green color in the future.
  8. i would shell out money for a metallic green balenciaga any day!! green if my favorite color :love:
  9. I purchased a Cornflower (blue) motorcycle (medium/city) bag a couple of weeks ago. I love it! Now I have my eye on getting one in rust when it becomes available.
  10. Kat, you said you saw the color swatch for the "ink", did you happen to check out the "rust" too? Can you describe what it'll look like for me? Thx. :amuse:
  11. It looked like an orange/red but like I said, it was a piece of paper instead of a leather swatch like when you buy a sofa or something. I am thinking about getting one in rust myself.:amuse:
  12. Is it more orange or more red? I prefer it to be more red. ;)
  13. Good info Ceejay.

    Fyi - the laptop bags like the one that Ceejay posted are on sale at Barney's right now for like $380 or something really reasonable like that. I can't remember exactly but I do recall being really surprised by the price. I also saw a beautiful beige/tan one.
  14. I so totally agree w/ Ceejay, I *wish* Balenciaga would consider switching back to their old, thicker leather...

    This ebay auction apparently is of the new S/S blue. It's so pretty and I'm a B-bag newbie, but what I've heard from others about the leather is really holding me back.
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  15. Actually, Irissy ... the picture that I posted doesn't really do justice to this bag ... it is a SUPERB color; I would highly recommend it.

    I just didn't like this bag ... it was WAY too boxy, and heck, I wouldn't put my laptop in it, the whole thing would way a TON and where's the stinkin' shoulder strap!! Sometimes I think the designers must be smoking something when then come up with these designs; really ... no strap??!