New Bal store in Manila, Philippines

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  1. Today I walked through the new Greenbelt 5 building in Makati on my way to my hotel from work and saw a corner retail space blocked off with "Balenciaga" signs...could it be?????

    Fortunately, my company sends me to Manila for work pretty frequently so I can't wait to visit sometime soon!!!! Too bad the US dollar is so freaking bad right now!!!

    Any other Manila bbag ladies or gents in the know about the new store??
  2. Yep, I did here from some of my friends in Manila that they are opening a Bal store in Greenbelt 5 :yahoo:I am originally from there and I do get to visit 2-3x a year, so I am pretty psyched too!!
  3. Spy pics, please!! :P
  4. pls keep us updated about the prices! :smile:
  5. The store is still under construction, so nothing to report yet. Just that it's coming!!
  6. whaaa, how come the Philippines gets a Bal store before Australia? The world is an unfair place sometimes! :crybaby:

  7. None in Canada either :Push:...I could just go to the Phils, I guess! It maybe cheaper!
  8. maybe not. the Marc Jacobs store in Manila has outrageous prices but you should totally tour Philippines (and all of its tropical goodness)!
  9. Manila prices are way more expensive than HK, USA, etc.... All designer goods are way over priced here!!! The new Bal Store will be a nice place to window shop and try on bags though!!!
  10. Yes, I agree with above 2 posts. We were there around January and LV's are about $400 higher than eluxury. At least Manila ladies or gents gets to touch and try on bags.
  11. Ah well, there goes my dreams of getting bal bags! What are the chances of them selling the real ones at Greenhills? LOL, just kidding!
  12. Bal store, Greenbelt 5 will open in June. That's what the staff at Homme at Femme (boutique that sells bbags here; same owner as Bal shop) told me a few days ago.

    Generally, luxury brands are more expensive in Manila. Gucci, LV, Marc Jacobs, Fendi-- all priced significantly higher compared to shops abroad. If I remember correctly, a City with RH is almost US$1600 at Homme et Femme!
  13. Aww, lucky. Bal LA and Bal PI would probably be the only Balenciaga stores I go to. Unless I go to Bal NY. Hmm... I miss PI, maybe I should go back after the opening ;]
  14. I got to see Greenbelt 4 when I went home last year. Now there's Greenbelt 5? Balenciaga in Manila/ can't wait to see pictures soon. Wasn't Nicolas Ghesqueire in Manila about 2 years ago? I think I saw photos on the net....

  15. :yahoo: That will be the day :woohoo: