New BAL Black City & Anthracite PT with GGH

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  1. Finally took the they are.

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  2. Both are gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!:tup:
  3. congrats! anthra is such a gorgy alternative to black!
  4. CONGRATS!!! Your Anthra esp is GORGEOUS!!!
  5. Wow, very nice ... congrats!
  6. Congrats! They are both beautiful, could you also post some modeling pics?
  7. Wow! Yummy Bags:drool: You will love them!
    Congratulations on two amazing colors![​IMG]
  8. Thanks to all of you for all your warm responses...

    Kiki198028, I posted photos of me wearing the Part-time on the clubhouse thread. I'm petite so I think it looks big on me. I don't have any modelling pics of the Anthracity yet but I will post some soon.
  9. Jzlyn, you're right about the Anthracite being an excellent alternative to black. Most of my purses (except 4 I think) are either in black or in brown or in shades close to those colors. The Anthracite is a big step for me and I'm loving it!

  10. anthracite is prettttty! congrats!
  11. Great choices, congratulations!
  12. Love you new purchases! They are both wonderful! Love, love anthra too:heart:
  13. Lovely purchases...i love the PT one coz i'm into bigger bags...LOLL
  14. Congrats! Those are two gorgeous color/HW combos!
  15. wowza~!