New Bal bags...not motorcycle but really cool!

  1. I was at Bob Ellis yesterday and my SA had called me to show me all the new bags they had gotten in. The new Bals are kinda cool, I'm not sure I can stray away from the motorcycle line though. Here's on pic from their site, I wish I could have taken pics there, there were so many and all so neat!

  2. This particular bag almost tempted me, I'm still thinking about it. It's simply one of those bags you have to try looks kinda over the top with all the studs. It has a looong strap that you can wear messenger style or just let hang, as well as the two handles of course.

    This bag is actually pic 5/18 on the Bal web site. It's the "leather studded bag"

  3. Oh, very nice! The brown one is tempting me!
  4. ^^ it's actually that olive brown color and is soooo nice IRL. I tried on the smaller version of that bag, a really nice tote, and loved it in that color especially. If anyone is at all interested you can call them at 843-722-2515 and ask for Bruce, he's my super nice SA.