New Bal babies :)

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  1. So i flew back from Paris a couple of days ago and only found the time today to post some pictures. Anyone here up for a quick reveal? :biggrin:
  2. Yes! I am :popcorn:
    Hope you had a lovely time in Paris.
  3. hi livia1! i had a lovely time thank you! :flowers:

    here it goes... the first one i got came as a surprise. the bag i wanted in this color was a different style and hardware, but the leather as well as the color and hardware combo of this bag took me by surprise :love:

    introducing my new black rggh city


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  4. i initially wanted to hold out for a velo in rggh but all the stores selling bal only had black velos in rh. i saw one with ggh though but it just wasn't for me. i just couldn't resist the leather on this one -- saturated and wrinkly just the way i like -- so i bit the bullet :girlsigh:
  5. Great choice imo! Love black with RGGH.
    The leather looks thick and yummy.
  6. that does look gorgeous - deep black! congrats....
  7. I'm still here waiting for the OB reveal.....
  8. yes, it is quite thick! i honestly couldn't put it down when i saw it :biggrin: it seems like it's just the two of us so i shall go on...

    the next one took me almost a week to find. i went to the boutique, printemps and lafayette but just went home empty-handed. i was about to give up until i decided to make a final try before i decided on another color bag. luckily i did because i called around and found that le bon marche had THE bag i was hoping to find. you see since i didn't get a black velo, i was bent on finding another bag in the velo style but wasn't really impressed about the colors i saw until this one...

    introducing my orange brulee rh velo :yahoo:

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  9. Beautiful bag.
  10. hi mere girl! thanks so much for your unwavering support ;) you're one of the lovely tpfers that convinced me to not give up in my search! :hugs:
  11. thank you! :biggrin:
  12. That's gorgeous!
    You got two bags with very delicious leather.
    Many congrats.
  13. Love your OB! I'm so glad you found a velo in this colour :yahoo:
  14. beautiful!!! don't you just love OB?! :smile:
  15. thank you ladies! i am very happy with my purchases :biggrin: i'm disappointed though i didn't find the EC i wanted, next time :graucho: