new bags

  1. a manhattan
    jeans platform
    vernis- papillion so in looooooooooooove:love:
    lvb.jpg shoe.jpg lvw.jpg lvw3.jpg lvb2.jpg
  2. mabroook nice way to start ramadan :P did you order them from dubai?
  3. omg. sooo cute!! i loove love love the manhattan and the papillon. they are TDF!!
  4. Very nice.
  5. mn jd mbrooook tlbsenhm bal3afeh
  6. They all are so gorgeous!
    I love Manhattan!!!
  7. Beautiful! Congratulations!
  8. :wlae: Congrats! :wlae:
  9. habibty

    hiiiii habibty...i actually got them from Geneve...mbarak 3laich el shahar:flowers:

    believe me pix dont do them justice...:heart:
    thanx for coming by:flowers:
  10. Smith
    thanx for coming:flowers:

    thanx for ur kind words...its so good to see gulf girls here:yahoo:
    mbarak 3laich el shahar:flowers:

    oh its my fave too:love:
    thanx for coming:flowers:
  11. Melissa71
    thanx alot...ur so kind:flowers:

    i almost did this dance in the boutique:P
    thanx for coming:flowers:
  12. oh congrats, i love all ur new stuff such a nice choice.. and im drooling over ur bedford :graucho:
  13. Gorgeous, all of them, but I especially love the bedford
  14. OMG! i love the shoes!!!
  15. beautiful, congrats!