*new bags*

  1. Got these new bags: diamond stich flap and luxury matte bowler.
    (sorry for the bad lighting and large size pics)


    (sorry, couldnt attach them, I have pop up blocker activated)
  2. Very nice bags!! You picked the good ones! :biggrin: Is that the deerskin bowler or smooth calfskin?
  3. OMG!!! Beautiful!!! Lucky girl!
  4. Wow! congrats lv1011! Those are NICE! :nuts: I was gonna post a question on the Diamond stitch flap but since you got it maybe you can help me out with a few questions :shame: .
    1. Does the diamond stitch comes in different sizes?
    2. Do they make other color besides black and white?
    3. Are they comfortable enuf to sit on the shoulder? I remember someone mention it was pretty stiff or things like that.
    4. Do they have gold hardware or just silver?
    Sorry lv1011 for throwing so many questions to you at once. TIA! :shame:
  5. congrats, lv1011!!!
  6. Thank You, I believe its the deerskin bowler.:heart:
  7. Gorgeous! I love them, congrats!
  8. sure!

    1. Yes, it comes in a small size and large size 1650$ and $1750 from what I can remember.

    2. yes, black white, brown and I believe a reddish color.

    3.oh yes, VERY. I actually prefer wearing the flap over the bowler, the chain straps on the bolwer dig into my shoulders while the flap has a shoulder strap sort of thing so that straps arent digging into your shoulders and leaving marks. Its not stiff, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. It hangs perfectly, I can send you a pic of it on, just leave me your email :smile:

    4. Just silver hardware on the flaps from the diamond stich collection.

    :heart: :heart: :heart:

    ps. check out this thread http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel/nordstrom-pdf-files-of-chanel-f-w-40812.html for style number and more info on this style.
    if you click on the 2nd pic under prefall you can see the flap there, it tells you the different colors and style numbers.
  9. Congrats! They are fantastic choices :heart: .
  10. Wow, I really like the Diamond Stitch flap:nuts: !! How does it compare size-wise to the small Diamond Stitch tote? Can you give me the dimensions of the flap? Also, can you model it for us:shame: ? Thank you:flowers:

  11. you lucky gal for getting two beautiful bags, congrats!!!
  12. Very gorgeous!
  13. Thank you so much lv1011! you are such a darling!
  14. Gorgeous bags!!!!!! Congrats to you!
  15. Both are beautiful!!!