New bags ?

Jul 23, 2007
Well I took at the website at the new bags and got quite a shock:wtf:. I found some of the new styles (ie bright canvas coated in plastic) not for me. I realise Mulberry want to be fashionable & appeal to a younger crowd which is fair enough.

But what about the rest of us? I would love a Bayswater in a great purple like the midnight Mabel as it's so fashionable at the moment. Also it would be great if mulberry could extend their neutral range of colours.

What would you like to see?


Sep 20, 2008
I'd like them to split their brand for starters, new label for young affordable market, and protect the top end of the label for those of us who love the classics.

I'd love Bays in mustard, charcoal, scarlet, teal (not to be mistaken for turquoise but true teal which is a deep green and blue combined).

Good idea for a thread tiffanystar.


Mulberry Baymaniac
Mar 27, 2008
I woudl like to see some loose straps for Roxy, to be able to have her comfortably on the shoulder.

Just like mapelcottage I would like them to split brand, one for seasonal and one fro classical styles.

I would love the east_west Bays and Bays in burgundy, and in same fuschiacolor as the mabel. And I whish they would not do so many patent and spalazzoleathers bays but instead make bays in natural leather but in many colors. white, lavendel, etc


May 3, 2008
Have they made a Roxanne in Burgundy? I would love to see one if they have!!!! I have fallen for these new colours: burgundy, plum, purple and fuchsia :smile:. My black line of bags is seriously in danger to be broken...