New bags?

  1. Have I missed something or what? I was browsing baghag and came a cross this picture.

    On the top shelf. At first it looked like 2 bags but it is indeed one and next to it a smaller unrecognizable bag (atleast to me).
  2. Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think this is a new style of bag. I think I have seen this on reseller sites.
  3. it is called lorraine (the pocket one ) the one next to it looks like a rugby
  4. They are old designs.
  5. Ok thanks! I don´t remember seeing these before
  6. Those fuchsia bags sure are sweet!
  7. ^^^Usually the bigger stores will have them. Although, I have to admit SF did have some interesting bags and some rare colors, although the scarf collection is woeful.
  8. love the look of the rugby, but i wonder whether it's uncomfortable to carry.

    from jemznjewelz:
  9. ^^^The reason behind its name is because it feels like you're carrying a rugby ball against your side. It's rather bulky when carried on the shoulder because it's not a slim profile.