New Bags..

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  1. 59FE8C20-F2F1-4332-8EDA-73E7E9C3C7D8.jpeg 78D755E1-D4C1-4090-BD4C-8743F1CF8427.jpeg got these recently, let me know what you think? Should I keep?
  2. I think the Capucines is really pretty with the leather blossom appliques! The other bag looks very functional and easy-to-use. Were you having second thoughts about these bags? Is this a case where you only want to keep one of them?
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  3. I think they're very classy. If you like them/could get use and enjoyment out of them, definitely keep. If not, return/exchange for something that will spark more joy.
  4. Do you love them and will they work for your lifestyle? If yes, keep. If not, return.
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  5. The Capucine is GORGEOUS! I personally don’t like the look of the other one.
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  6. I like the Capucine with the leather blossom details. Only if you don't have anything similar to the monogram one, I would keep.
  7. I like them both.
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  8. Love the Capucines!
  9. That canvas bag has folded corners doesn’t it? It could peel and bubble. So I’d return that one.

    I’d actually return both of them, since you aren’t sure about either one. Why ask us?

    Finally, I personally don’t like flower appliqués because over time they tend to lift and curl at the edges.
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  10. Agree :tup: I guess I just don’t understand these vague posts where people let other people’s opinions determine which bags they keep lol.
  11. Not understanding. Is there a reason you are asking whether to keep? You just bought. Why wouldn’t you keep them.
  12. This Capucines is a beauty!
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  13. I like them both. They are so different. I would choose the one you think will wear well .I saw the Rivoli in person and loved it. The canvas is so soft.
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  14. I do like both of the bags, it’s nice to hear others opinion, always fun to see the thoughts. Thanks for everyone’s input. Only friends on this forum would understand LV addition.
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  15. Thanks, the rivoli is so light.