new bags- what's your ritual?

  1. i was just wondering if people treat their new bags or leave them be? i just got a sandstone twiggy and am a little paranoid about...well, everything!:p the whole gamut of things from scratches to scuffs to darkening. i know, i need to chill out but it would calm my ocd brain to know what other TPFers do to a new bag. TIA!
  2. With my Vert I treated the handles w/2 coats of LMB Handles Only & nothing else, which I'm a little nervous about :amazed:

    I've heard better things about Applegard than I have LMB pre-treament though :yes: .. Personally I'm scared to use either lol
  3. If it's a pre-loved bag, then I will give it a general once-over with Apple Conditioner (NOT cleaner, which I've heard is too strong for Balenciaga leather). If it's a light-colored bag, I'll give it a spray with Apple Garde. I don't treat my bags after that initial rub-down. But if I get dirt marks, I'll spot-clean with Apple Conditioner.
  4. mostly, i just use the LMB handles only on the handles. i usually don't like using any products the new bags. if the bag is really dry or old, i sometimes use a coat of apple conditioner.
    either way, you need to take that beautiful sandstone bag out ASAP and enjoy it! congrats on the new purchase! :smile:
  5. i leave them be
  6. I spray a leather protector all over, but VERy lightly.. =) I love my new bbag!
  7. Ditto.
  8. Well, I leave all of my bags au natural... I don't want to overly product my bag, because smells get to me... (Even if it smells good...) I want it to only smell like yummy bbag leather.

    Another part of my new bag ritual? I leave it in my closet for two weeks, taking it out every day to admire & hug - but I don't use it right away... :sneaky: I have no idea why, odd I know - but for some reason I have to own it for a while before its "debut"!! :p

    However, I broke this ritual with my Marine Money Wallet - I took it out the day after I received it!! :yes:
  9. "I don't use it right away... :sneaky: I have no idea why, odd I know - but for some reason I have to own it for a while before its "debut"!!"

    I know exactly what u mean Bags4Bubbles...

    The first bbag I bought was used(EXCELLENT condition) and I started using it right away , not thinking about handle darkening or scruffs etc.
    the more I got into bbags the more paranoid I got..I thought about using BBags twice, because I was so scared that they would get damaged and stuff..
    I even started holding my brandew greige twiggy only on the handles when a lil silk scarf was decoratively wrapped around the handles:graucho::confused1:(i know. iknow..)I am a weirdo*sigh*
    But I got to the conclusion that the bags ARE ment to be used and thats what Ill do:p
  10. Has anyone that has used For Handles Only had a problem with it taking the shine away?
  11. As soon as I get a new bag, I spray it with Apple Garde Rain & Stain Repellant. I apply one coat, wait 30 min as the directions state, and then apply another.
  12. I immediately apply For Handles Only and pre-treatment
  13. Yup, it made my handles matte immediately after application.

    I used it on my Anna Corinna handles as well & it took the shine away on them too.
  14. nothing for me, i like it natural!

  15. :yes:totally!!! i keep taking it out of the dustbag, admiring it, then putting it away... i keep thinking there will be the perfect day soon to take her out!

    thanks everyone for the feedback. i will definitely be spraying it with AG, although i have to say that sandstone looks like it won't get dirty TOO easily (fingers crossed)!