New bags versus Used bags

  1. So far all of my Toki I have purchased have been in new unused condition. I recently received my first used bag, a black campeggio with the citta lining. I just LOVE the way this used bag feels. It just drapes so nice and the fabric is softer and not as stiff as my new bags. I'm just wondering if it has this 'broken' in feel because it is a used bag, or does the fabric drape different on different bag prints? I switch my bags around so much that not any one bag has really gotten much use and they all feel a bit stiff. I'd love for my pirata campeggio to loosen up and feel like my new 'old' black campeggio.
  2. I have definitely found the fabric on some prints to be stiffer and scratchier than others. My Inferno and Pirata bags are quite stiff, and Adios Star always seems to be scratchy and wrinkly. But my Black Camo Stellina is so soft and smooth, and it's brand new never been used. The Famiglia fabric seems thinner to me than the rest and Citta always feels softer.

    I wonder if they just get the fabric in huge lots from wherever is cheapest when they're ready to do a new print run and it's all slightly different??

  3. Actually, I noticed that my OP ( 2nd ed ), inferno and tutti are quite stiff. But my olive and black camo are both soooo smooth.. i wanted to keep touching it hahah ( my sister said it seems that i have developed a fetish.. )

    ANYWAY, i think it depends on the print =) that's what i think.. i dont know why though.. they probably just took turns in using some type of nylon *shrugs* obviously they used the better ones on olive and black camo =(
  4. you know i thought it was only me...i noticed when i saw trasporto in the store that it was extra stiff and scratchy
  5. oo i agree. i got trasporto in yesterday and the material does feel more stiff and scratchy! like a new deck of cards.. lol i haven't compared to my other bags yet. gotta check later..
  6. i had noo idea about the AS fabric.. no one had mentioned it. it's kind of a turn-off to me about the bag, even though i found one with a lot of my favorites. :sad:

    for some reason, the used bags in the past i have purchased have obvious signs of use (darkened leather, light dirt marks). but when i sell or trade a bag that i have used, it doesn't. is it really that hard for some to take care of their bags? i've had a few of mine for months with only tiny removable specks. the ones i currently have in my collection were all purchased nwt.
  7. I've used my inferno stellina every day for months, and it looks almost brand new, the colors are really bright and clear and the whites are still white. I did scotchguard it before I used it, including the leather, and there is not a mark on it. I've bought a couple of bags that were advertised as "used a few times, but in excellent condition" and one was like new and the other was clearly very used. The white areas were grey, the leather was scratched and cracked, etc. It's definitely "buyer beware" with used bags, as some people take excellent care of their bags and some don't.
  8. yup, all i do is scotch/kiwi guard and it stays looking perfect. i thought i read somewhere not to scotchguard the leather because the leather can change color if it gets wet?

    i wish people would take accurate, updated pictures of their bags before sending them off. i bought a citta rosa gioco from a wonderful seller, but the pictures that i saw were probably from a long time before it got into my hands, because there were lots of light dirt marks.

    it does pain me to see the very well used bags.. :s