New bags up on Prada site... some great stuff..

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  1. #1 Jul 18, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2009
    Just checked it out, have to be good, hoping to find a european find next week.


    Loving the two bags right on the front of the ad campaign, but not sure about texture--the two brownish bags. I see you get a different first pix everytime.
  2. Check out the ostrich tote for Resort 2010. I have my two pieces from the otrich line in verde, Zip coin case and wallet, will try to post before I go.
  3. Ah that red velvet bag is growing on me too. Oh please someone save me from myself!!!
  4. Looks like those brown are the craquele finish, not sure I'm liking.
  5. Oh I love the ostrich bags..and all the sandals..esp the ones with flowers!!
  6. I really don't like that website--they make it really hard to see anything. I don't know what they are thinking.
  7. ^^ I agree, for the most part, it's pretty worthless. And always last out of all the designers to get the next season up to their site.
  8. ITA! i have an old mac book (3 years old) and i update safari (the internet browser) regularly... but that website often freezes up my internet browser in the middle of scrolling to the next pic... i'm just too lazy/cautious to use my work laptop for pleasure... :P
  9. I'm liking the color palettes Prada is using for the Resort collection. It's organic and elegant. If I had places to go, I'd wear a couple of those dresses.

    And yes, the heels w/ the flowers are adorable!