New Bags on Styledrops?

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  1. ^ I'm glad you posted these.....I saw that yesterday..I was looking for a 'baby' gauffre and noticed..there are ALOT of new bags on there!!!!
  2. Emmy... um... what's a "baby" gauffre? :smile:
  3. Not sure if I like them all...hmmm...different....
  4. ^ They are nylon small gauffres...There is a pic of one somewhere in this was shocking pink...I think it is in the 'celebrties w/ Prada' thread..I'll have to find it..I saw them on Styledrops a few months, orange, green, blue.....double straps (long & short)...way too mcuh $$ for such a small bag and nylon..I was hoping they would be on sale now:sad:
  5. aaaah.... ok, Emmy! Speaking of baby gauffres, I am reminded of a little baby gauffre hobo style I saw at saks recently. so cute. barely made it over the elbow it was that small, but so cute. and leather, too! it was maybe 6 inches wide by 8 inches high.
  6. :drool:^ Did it have the short AND long strap!?!?!?
  7. I think it was just the short handle on the bag, Emmy... darn, there might have a long detachable strap too, i just don't remember now... Sorry!
  8. Selfridges had the baby gauffre. I had a chat with the SA about it before I bought my blue satchel. The baby is 10 inches wide - it's the bag being carried by Roger Federer's girlfriend in pink in the celeb thread. I think it was around £600 which is a lot, I agree, for nylon and leather. I never thought I'd pay a lot of money for fabric BUT having just got my satchel, they are fantastic quality.
  9. ^ UGH!!!! I wish someone would spot it here in the US!!!!!
  10. I LOVE that new luggage tag on the first bag. :yes:

    Not too crazy about the quilted patent though, especially not the price tag! :wtf:
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