New bags on!!!

  1. [​IMG]

    What do you gals/guys think?

    I really don't like the last one. I think it looks too retro. I also think that the canvas cannage Lady Dior will end up at the outlets soon.
  2. Oh, and this...

    (I think this clutch is beautiful! It's retro the nice way)
  3. i kinda like the second and third bag, depends on the size...but still not great enough to make me splash out on it...:nogood::tdown:

  4. Hello,

    Very cute....that's the new "babe" bag. Here's another pic of it. Happy Holidays! :flowers:

  5. I only like the 4th, others seem a lil plain.
  6. nothing really calls out to me at the moment!

    I saw this on Diabro and ew...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. I like the first 4 but don't think I would run out and grab one though, the last two are :nogood:

  9. The bag looks like it contracted some disease..:p (no offense to anyone who digs it)
  10. I am in love with that large soft Lady Dior, the one Monica Bellucci modeled in Mag Ads. Might have to go see that one IRL.
  11. Not loving any of it :sad:. I love Dior and John Galliano but lately I haven't been in love with any Dior bags. It's good for my wallet though.
  12. ^Chrystalline! you're back on the dior board! :woot:

    LOL at shu's reaction to those animal print bags, c'mon girls, i had the misfortune of seeing those bags IN REAL LIFE. it was disorientating to say the least.

    the new bags aren't really calling out to me, the 2nd and 3rd ones are alright, although the 2nd is really plain and possibly too generic looking for me to want to shell out the sort of money the brand would expect me to pay.

    last clutch in the first post (the black one) is just ugggghh, i've seen these sort of bags selling for 5 pounds at the local thrift store, C'MON DIOR!? retro lady dior looks too... retro in a bad way and no offence of averagejoe or anyone who might like the gold clutch, but i think it just looks like an oddly shaped cosmetic bag they give away for free when you spend over $100 at the dior counter. :push:
  13. I actually agree...even though I think the clutch looks very nice, it does look very plain. However, Dior made classic Lady Diors for Spring using the same gold leather (with cannage quilting) and those bags look divine! There is a tiny one at Holt Renfrew on display in front of the boutique section with museum-type lights shining on it, and it was shimmering like crazy!