New Bags on March 1, 2014?

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  1. I know that the price increase is approaching. March 3 is what I hear. What new bags are coming out that can be preordered before the increase? Thanks for all of your help!!
  2. Empreinte Speedy 30 in Noir
    Emp Lumineuse PM in Noir (I already preordered this)
    Emp Montaigne MM in Noir (also I believe in Amethyst and Ivory)

    a few others, but these are the ones most talked about on TPF.

    you need to preorder before 2/28 - I preordered a month ago
    you may not be able to preorder if the waitlist is too long for the bag at the store you want - the price increase is next week!
  3. Thanks for letting me know.
  4. There are also some new colors in Empreinte and Vernis and Epi.
  5. Any monogram bags?
  6. Any messenger/cross body bags ??

  7. +1!!
  8. Any Azur? Just sold my Noe bb in Azur, but I love this print but no bags grab me at the moment.
  9. If not in march what's coming for April, May. In mono.. In ..damier....azur