New Bags on Japan Site!

  1. Wowzers...great bags...
  2. just checked -- we don't!! and i can't read japanese:cursing:
    i hope we get these, they're just my style... i LOVE the gold!
  3. Those are so pretty! I really like the white satchel
  4. That white embossed satchel is in the outlets right now in red and black (not white though).
  5. ^^^Ya I think they are new spring colors.
  6. I really really really want this one, in this color. Apparently I can get it in white or black, but not this red, yet.


    Style # is 11593. Drool.....
  7. Did they make that in black? I've only seen red, parchment/tan, and mahogany. When they were in the boutiques, my SA said that he was surprised they didn't do them in black, which of course would be my first choice! I would love to find this in black.
  8. That white embossed satchel is SO classy!:tup:
  9. As far as know Coach Japan does not offer online shopping.
    You have to go the stores to get one. Anyway the prices in Japan
    are too high (almost 170 % of US prices) !! and I cannot recommend to
    try to get bags from Japan !!
  10. I think you can call JAX (Coach distribution center--1-800 #) and ask if you can order it from them.