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  1. Yay! I CAN NOT wait to see pics of the peach hobo!
  2. The rikki in washed silver looks awesome. Hmmm... debating if I want the pale grey MS hobo... i need to really step away from the computer!
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    They've also added:

    Pale Grey Biker Clutch
    Pale Grey Biker MAC
    Pale Grey Regular MAC
    Pale Grey Mini Mini
    Pale Grey MAM
    Pale Grey Encounter
    Pale Grey point stud rocker :drool:
    (The above also come in the other summer leathers)
    Distressed Black, PG, Aqua, and Peach Nikki's
    Grey Python Nikki
    Washed Silver MAM and MAC
    3zip rocker (black and aqua w/silver)

    I gotta admit- i hated the grey python on the MAC, but i LOVE it in the nikki.

    Note it also has a new lining- plain black. Me likey.
  4. Any codes?
  5. Not that I am aware of....
  6. Didn't think so. I know bing is still at 20% but I would love a code too. Oh well I will wait maybe with the holiday they will do something.
  7. They also have all the colors in pointy stud rockers and peach is up in the regular MAC too. I really love all these leathers!! Ack. I wish Aqua was really as blue as they show them in the pics. It looks so good on the biker cross body.
  8. Darnit- i'm really wanting the grey python nikki.
  9. Desi, do you have anything in Aqua?
  10. ^I got the MS hobo. I wish the color was a deeper blue like pictured on endless. Mine is very green.

  11. So you basically want a turquoise hobo! I love that color (both of them really).
  12. Good god, the black pointy stud rocker looks amazing.,B003IHW0MS,B003IHW0U0,B003IHW0YQ,B003IHW1VI,B003IHW1CW,B003IHW1S6,B003IHW0JQ,B003IHW1AY,B003IHW0V4,B003IHW0W8,B003IHW0QE,B003IHW1B8,B003IHW0OQ,B003IHW0PA,B003IHW0KU,B003IHW0WS,B003IHW0Y6,B003IHW1NQ,B003IHW0ZK,B003IHW1QS,B003IHW1GI,B003IHW1UE,B003IHW1RM,B003IHW172,B003IHW186,B003IHW154,B003IHW0XM,B003IHW13Q,B003IHW15E,B003IHW1OA,B003IHW14U,B003IHW13G,B003IHW1LI,B003IHW18Q,B003IHW1OK,B003IHW1E0,B003IHW1KO,B003MQM660,B003IHW1HW,B003IHW1M2,B003IHW122,B003IHW1K4,B003IHW1C2,B003IHW0NC,B003IHW1J0,B0032AMCVA,B003IHW1JA,B0032AMCV0,B003IHW0MI,B003IHW1IQ,B003IHW0LY,B003IHW0SC,B003IHW1H2,B003IHW1T0,B003D3OE1W,B003IHW1N6,B003IHW0S2,B003IHW1MM,B003IHW0T6,B003IHW0VO,B003IHW0KA,B003IHW0PU,B003IHW19U,B003IHW1F4,B003IHW1AO,B003IHW1A4,B003IHW19A,B003IHW14A,B003IHW17M,B003IHW1Q8,B003IHW10O,B003IHW104,B003A0290G,B003A0298S,B003D3OE3A,B003D3OEDU,B003D3OEDA,B003D3OEDK,B003D3OEBC,B003D3ODZO,B003D3ODZ4,B003D3OE6W,B003D3OEAS,B003D3OEF8,B003D3OEGM,B003D3OE7G,B003D3OEC6,B003D3OE2Q,B003D3ODYU,B003D3OE2G,B003D3OEA8,B003D3OEGC,B003D3OE26,B003D3OECQ,B003D3OE76,B003D3ODY0,B003D3ODYK,B003D3OE80,B003D3OE6C&asinTitle=Rebecca%20Minkoff%20Pointy%20Stud%20Rocker%20Shoulder%20Bag&contextTitle=search%20results&page=1&size=100&node=241745011&nodes=241745011&keywords=minkoff&sort=-product_site_launch_date


  13. AWWW...I love it!
  14. Is that distressed black leather on the pointy stud rocker?