New bags on Eluxury!

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  1. Cannage Medium Zipped Hobo

    Cannage Small Flap Bag

    Cannage Small Zipped Hobo

    Lady Dior Medium Tote

    I love all the cannage hobos! The Lady Dior tote isn't doing it for me...too pointy for my taste.
  2. Hmmm, they're interesting. Not quite "sold" yet on the cannage, and I assume they're lambskin? Might have a look at the boutique and see how soft, slouchy or how much durable they can be. Although if they have a flap in pink, I might not be able to resist. :greengrin:
  3. i don't like so much this collection... i prefer the classic Lady Dior, is more elegant
  4. i quite like the hobos actually. but they're not on the top of the list yet, after seeing the "my dior" bag in the monogram, that's what i'd want! but thanks for the pictures May! seems like there's more to look forward to in the new year!

    Chrystalline: the dior at sloane street had the flap in black when i was last there. but i think it was a larger size because it looked HUGE! but you're right, the leather is very soft. ;)
  5. Aww.. the cannage hobos are adorable !
  6. Lovely.
  7. I like them :smile:
  8. I tried one on. It's made of lamb skin and it's super soft.