new bags on balenciaga website!

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  1. :nuts: I got to get one of these ...
  2. what is this? Says giant hobo but the shape doesn't look like the hobo. Is this a new style?

  3. Deco, I think this is the style called Hobo, whereas the style we formerly knew as the Hobo is officially referred to as "Day."
    Is it me or do the handles in fact seem longer on the Work?
  4. Is this a new style?
  5. I love this style, just not with the GH. This would look nice in the new French Blue???

  6. has anyone found out the prices on the new accesorries yet? (flat clutch) I want one soooooo bad!!! BTW, what color is the flat clutch that is shown in the website in?
  7. yeah this hobo is a new style:yes:
  8. I am drooling over #6:drool: and i bet that is Periwinkle.:s I like #5 too but i would not pay that much for this bag.:sad:
  9. is that blue the aquamarine or the bleu glacier?
  10. wow so many new style...thx for the update :smile:
  11. has anyone seen their shoes???? eeekk!!!
  12. how much would this be??

  13. Ohhhh! Love the Giant Hobo #7!! That bag is TDF. I love the green part-time bag and the brief!!! Oh, I think the giant hardware is looking better and better to me everytime I see it. Especially Cameron Diaz's bag!! Beautiful. :heart:
  14. ..
  15. thanks for the posting! lots of eye candy. yay!