new bags on balenciaga website!

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  1. the new colors and giant hardware too....
    check it out
  2. um bag 6/11 is labeled giant weekender.....that's a work bag right?
    wow, look at shoe 3/11...uh, great to pair with your giant Bbag, yikes
  3. Is bag #7 the day hobo? I love that one. Anyone like bag #2?
  4. i like #2. what color is #6? is that periwinkle?
  5. I am loving that #7 (Giant Hobo), will it come in regular hardware? Why haven't I heard of this bag before?
  6. Balenciaga sent me the new video of their bags :nuts: ,check it on their website .
    WHAT bag is the one with a lock??????:sweatdrop: gorgeous
    what is the envelope bag and also they have one with ostrich leather
  7. what is that green color, #4 ????? It's not as bright as grass green. It looks like my perfect green! anyone know what it is?
  8. i think it is grass green since there is no other green coming this spring. Maybe the lighting makes it different?
  9. what is the #11 bag and anyone seen ir IRL
  10. Love, love, love # 7 the "new" hobo.
  11. Maybe a stupid ? - but what is # 5 called :love: ?
  12. ^^ Is it Giant Brief and what's the price??? Thanks!
  13. Thanks, me_love_purse for posting this! :flowers:

    In case anyone has problems accessing the pics, here they are:
    Bal01.JPG Bal02.JPG Bal03.JPG Bal04.JPG Bal05.JPG
  14. Love, love, love the bleu glacier! :heart:
    Bal06.JPG Bal07.JPG Bal08.JPG Bal09.JPG Bal10.JPG
  15. Last one...:smile:

    ^^Damgaard, yes #5 is the Giant Brief and I think it sells for $1,595.00.