New bags, old bags

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  1. I can't stop myself from buying new bags, but what to do with the old bags? I can't bring myself to part with them but I now have more than I know what to do with. Everytime I break up with a boyfriend, I reward myself with new bag. I am currently eyeing the new LV Batignolles, but I feel as though I should responsible and say NO!
  2. Responsible shopping and glamorous bags don't go together very well... lol
  3. Right! I feel responsible when I find a purse on sale!!!! Besides, LV appreciate!HAHA
  4. Since you are in Chicago, you should be able to find a high end resale shop. You can always do eBay. Used bags in great condition do really well, especially LV. Let us know what you decide.
  5. I know what you mean by saying that it is hard for you to give up your old bags. My personal rule of thumb is this - if I haven't used the bag in a really long time (over year), and its not something that I think I will use again, I usually get rid of it. I swap with friends or sell on eBay. If it's something really old, I tend to just donate it. I have a lot of bags that I haven't used in a long time, but keep them either for sentimental value or because they are "classics", I definitely appreciate your struggle.
  6. I have never sold any of my bags, but am thinking about it. I havent used a LOT, so I may be offloading a few soon. I love most of my bags, but theres some of them that I just did I buy it! :lol:
  7. My bags become family members and I too find it hard to part with them. I did sell a LV on eBay for more than I paid I have a hard time parting with reciepts and tags too I think that helped. Even though I don't use mine for a year I keep most of them and find I do take them out again. Lately my co-workers bug me until I sell to them they are crazy for bags but hate to shop, go figure. I can relate to your struggle.:love:
  8. i keep the ones that i love and couldn't imagine parting with (mostly classics), but the others i consign or sell to friends (seems like there's always someone who loved the bag i want to part with willing to buy it)
  9. Resale shop! LOVE when those checks arrive!
  10. I usually end up giving my bags away to relatives. I'm a giver. hehe But I always buy new ones for the ones I've given...LOL