New bags & my collection!

Jul 8, 2008
Hi everyone! I know I really dont post alot on here but I now decided to haha! I have 3 new quick coach items yay!

& I also included a picture of all my bags! Most are coach expecially in the display and the others on the floor I am still working with. I am 18 and have an extreme purse addiction. I LOVE coach, dooney,juicy,but I do have a burberry and a chanel so yep here we go!


hmm what is it..

New signature stipe small hobo in pink and finally my scarf print pouch! I love colors but I do have some plain like bags! & I finally got the poodle keyfob $19 at macys. The fob matches perfect with the pouch! I love adding adorable keyfobs to most of my bags :heart:

& my bags!:heart:


Jun 9, 2007
i love your pretty pinkish collection!
i usually hang out in the tokidoki section, but i think i will be spending more time here :smile:


I can haz handbagz?
Jun 29, 2007
Tulsa, OK
Ohhhh I am eyeballing that Night Owl Vera Bradley! I love that print. I also have that same Scribble tote that you have. Love your collection!