New Bags in at Aloha Rag?

  1. Does anyone know if Aloha Rag has gotten in any of the new 2006 Pre-Fall Bags (Rouge Vif, Sapin, etc.)?

    They haven't updated their website ... it still lists the 'old' colors.
  2. If you'd like to send me your email I can forward what they emailed me
  3. can you forward it to me too? i pm-ing you know.
  4. last i checked they only had firsts and works... I'm on the notification list for a rouge vif city, so they had better NOT be in yet as I havent gotten an email.
  5. AR sent me an email last night(I am waiting for Blue India), and he said mid Aug to late Sept!!!!! Thats a heckuva time span, but worth it I think!
  6. yeah... thats what I was told too for the blue india, but they told me a week or two at most for the rouge vif, almost a month ago. :hrmm:
  7. Eeeeeck!
  8. Same here, haven't heard anything either...
  9. Jumpei told me late Sept/should be in by October!!! Yikerooni! :wtf: I'm on the notification list for the City size, though. The Cities seem to take the longest to arrive. I'm sure the Firsts and other sizes will be in late next month.
  10. Hmmmm ... that seems strange, since I know that Barneys has had the new bags in for some time now.

    I know that an S/A (at a different store/boutique that also carries Balenciaga) told me that Balenciaga plays "favorites" in that they typically ship to the larger retail stores first (those that sell a high number of products) before selling to the smaller stores. In addition, they (Balenciaga) are particularly prickly about stores that have had their merchandise 'on sale'.

    I wonder if Aloha Rag is being "penalized" somewhat for having had some of the items on sale?
  11. well... none of the leather motorcycle bags went on sale @ AR, just the off-shoot pieces (buckle bags, pony hair, denim) but they did at some of the big dept stores in the UK and US... so I dunno. I think they are just shipping them by boat probably, everything takes FOREVER to get here to Hawaii (which is why like 5 weeks after all the Fendi Spys were totally gone all over the US, suddenly the Ala Moana store had a bunch in lots of rare colors that everyone was flipping about... and I was all WTFH?.....?....?...?..?)

    I'm anxiously awaiting word from them. I really dont want to have to drive to the other side of the island to find out if the city is there or not in person and they didnt answer their phone earlier today or yesterday, well rather, it was busy. hrmph!
  12. Yeah ... good point ... after all, the East Coast is a lot closer to Europe (as I'm CONSTANTLY reminded by my husband when I mention that we should move the heck away from here to a warmer climate!!!).

    I know I was told by the Barneys S/A's that "corporate" refused to sell any of the 'motorcycle bags' ... period! So, I guess they will just sit around until someone finally buys them (or maybe they'll send them to their 'outlet' stores ... but then, wouldn't they be on sale?!?!).