New Bags....if U Could Only Choose One!?

  1. I just ordered a 5000 dollar Chanel coat(GAG!!) Im TRYING(NOTE that I said TRYING..EH HEM...LOL!) be GOOD!
    I Like AND WANT..hehe...
    A)Palermo GM
    c)GRIET in MONO
    BUT I only want to buy ONE BAG!!!!!!(the chanel purchase has me guilt ridden..hehe!)

    I have alot of bags so I dont NEED one OVER the other for function...I just happen to like all three..IM kinda leaning towards the PALERMO due to the messenger strap!

    What do u all think..???????????????:confused1:
    alot of u know me and my tastes!!

    Thanks for your input in advance!!!!:heart:
  2. get the Griet in Black it's such a nice bag...

    and you better show us that Chanel jacket when you get it:drool:
  3. Any modeling pics of the Chane coat? :graucho:

    Hmmm... I think you should go for the Griet... it's a GORGEOUS bag that I can TOTALLY see you rocking. :tup:
  4. Chanel coat arrives on Saturday...I will totally b posting pics..LOL..and I better freakin love it at that price too!ROFL!
    so many new LV bags r coming too!
    hey..anyone know if the iphone case is still due to b released NOV 1 too?..I HAVE to get one of those as well!
  5. Griet!!!
    Love that!
    I cant wait to see your coat. I hope you love it!
  6. just curious but is it a fur coat tweed?
  7. ^LOL!Actually its a leather jacket..really HOT one!hehe!
  8. ^^^even better I LoVe leather I didn't wanna hear you paid 5k for a tweed coat...
  9. I vote for the Palermo. I'm still not digging that mirage look. The marina looks too 'springy" so Palermo will be perfect for right now.
  10. I vote the Griet...and i can't WAIT to see your Chanel jacket!
  11. Vote for griet :smile: I don't like mirage but give exception for griet and yes, post us your chanel coat :graucho:
  12. Jill... the griet in regular mono canvas or mirage?? I would do griet in mirage not regular mono canvas.
  13. Griet!!!!!
  14. the griet-classic and chic--like your new chanel coat!
  15. Kinda like Bill Gates has "a lot" of money? :p I'm having a hard time deciding which one is more of an understatement :lol:

    I'd go with the Griet!