New Bags from Barney's

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  1. Just got this email:

    If you click on the attachment a few times it will zoom in so you can see them.

    bags du jour at barneys.jpg
  2. :smile: I love the first one!!! :love:!!! I do not know about the other ones!!!
  3. OHLALA Lavin! I love that one, too! When you go to Barney's most of the Lavin bags are in an enclosed case.
  4. I like the devi kroell :smile:
  5. ohh i like the henry
  6. I like the Marc J. I think it'll look nice as a travel tote. :smile:
  7. Barney's has a huge collection of Henry's. I beleive they are hand made, which is one of the reason's I probably won't ever buy one.... I'm always on the run and need a durable bag.
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