new bags found on coach if you search

  1. the basic line



    new skinnies and metallic bags, and flaps!
  2. You are so crafty! Did you just stumble across this search loophole or have you known about this technique for a while? I'm impressed at your detective skills!

    I did a search and hoped that I would see some of the new charms people have been writing about, but nothing has appeared yet.
  3. oh...i want that blue hobo...

    darn you, aarti!
  4. That is really cool, thanks for sharing. I'll go search now.
  5. I use the search feature to find new stuff too which is how I found the rainy day key fob and the signature stripe mini skinny, neither of which show up otherwise! It's fun to find new goodies this way! I keep putting in the item number for the Legacy slim tote too to see if it comes up yet! LOL!
  6. how did you find the key chain?

    I knew you could do that, but I didn't know about all the new stuff till like 5 minutes before I posted this LOL! I dont see the charms either. I really want to see what the skull one looks like!
  7. Enter 92072 in the search area and it'll come up! I got mine today and it is sooo cute! I'm saving it for spring! Enter signature stripe and you'll find the mini skinny too! It's in my signature!
  8. The Legacy Shoulder Bag is available in whiskey again. :yes:

    I keep checking to see if the Shoulder Zip is going to come out in pond.
  9. Ohhh the scarf I've been wanting is available!!
    Now I have to decide if I should pay shipping or wait until the Coach store opens next month...
  10. ^^That's how I found my heart scarf too.... almost forgot about it! It's my avatar! It's like playing hide and seek! But if it shows up in a search then you could call a coach store and get free shipping! (and be the first on your block to own one!) LOL!
  11. How do you call a Coach store and get free shipping? You have to call a local store, right?
    We don't have one here yet. They're building one that should open in late February.
  12. ^^ Bethy: From what I've read here on PF, if you call and order at a Coach store you should get free shipping. I called a store in another state and ordered my Legacy bag and got free shipping! But not the 800 number, you'll pay for shipping ordering from there. Someone else can confirm or correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think it has to be local, I'd just call the nearest one that you can find. Hopefully, I'm not wrong! LOL!

  13. Me too:yes:
  14. are ya talking about the signature hearts scarf? it's so cuteeeeee! perfect for vday!
  15. Yep, that one!! I have a red leather tote that I just got, and it would be perfect with it.