New Bags for guys

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  1. I've been searching but it seems there is not so much info about the new models comming next season in the male collection, does somebody has good info about this?? I am very curious and the only thing I found here is info on women bags :tdown: hehehe
    I am just a bit envious there is so much options for girls
  2. There are the new Damier Geant mens bags are comeing.
  3. I don't know if you've been thru the F/W 2007 thread yet, but there are some pics of mens items in it...
  4. I tried but there is very little info about male models
  5. From the show collection, there are new models and colours in Bequia coming, striped hobos and document holders in black, tan and burgundy among others. Also mono document holders with crocodile (?) and dark leather trim is being produced. The launch date is not set yet, but I think prices for Bequia will be about the same as they were, the Bequia hobo will be about 15.000 NOK or $ 2800